Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Range Pr0n

You know when someone posts about a range trip without target pictures, well, they had a bad day. Nah, just learning to shoot something new.

Finally found a barrel to my liking- 8.5" Rainier Arms Match 300 AAC Blackout, 1-8" twist. Aero upper and lower, AR Stoner nickel boron bolt carrier with a Windham C158 bolt. Ace pistol stock. Right now, I am using the Midwest Industries G2 2 piece free float rail and am topping it off with a Troy Claymore.

Robbed the TruGlo off of one 6.8 for now. Quick impression; it sucks on a pistol. Needs to be bigger.

150 rounds today. Mostly reloads. Even ran factory Hornady subsonic fine. Hornady supersonic was harsh, but locked back okay. More on that below.

Protip- do not run an extended charging handle on an AR pistol. Luckily, my nose is big and has plenty of crush space.

Why no SBR? State of Iowa is an Only Ones State for NFA weapons.

Lancer 20 rounders, Troy 30 and Pmag 30 ran my reloads fine, even the 30-30 bullet reloads. It hated with a passion the 30-30 reloads from a Gen 3 PMag 20 rounder. Same rounds fed like a top in a 30 round Pmag. 

The factory Hornady 110 grain in the QD hole is the one that got my nose. Those fookers are loaded hot. I'm running a carbine buffer, not an H2 buffer. The latter might help with taming it some, it landed near 6 o'clock. Subs landed 3 o'clock, and my other reloads landed 4-5 o'clock.

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