Wednesday, July 10, 2013

300 thru this 300

Between Saturday and today, the 300 BLK pistol has roughly 300 rounds through it. I'd say the rifle has around 500 through it. Target below is from sighting in a new optic at 25 yards, then, um, rapid magazine unloading via the barrel. Still the 30-30 bullet load, runs like a sewing machine. I even tried a Gen3 PMag loaded to 30 rounds. I need to try the 20 rounders again, now that it has the H2 buffer. Maybe they will feed better with the slightly slower bolt speed.

My wife ate this thing up Saturday. Even with all the pistol oddities, she liked it better than the rifle. She did prefer the subsonic loads, though. 

I think it may need a Magpul K2 grip or a BCM mod1 or similar.

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