Thursday, July 11, 2013


Ran 60 rounds through the pistol. Most were 150 grain Hornady fmj boat tails over 16.5/16.6 grains of H110 and Remington 6 1/2 primers. Fun load to shoot, might be warm in the pistol but they also work in the rifle. Switching to the non magnum primer seems to help, at the risk of slam fires, unfortunately. Maybe the cci 400s would be a better choice.

The ejection pattern was different than the 130 grain load. Closer to 3:30 vs the 4:30 position of the lighter bullets. Consistent though.

Since the load works well, I turned into that guy. Bought out Bass Pro Shops bullet stock. Now I have 800 bullets to play with. And I scored 22lr, too! Mostly to restore what we shot last weekend 

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