Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back from exile

I returned last night from my work imposed exile.* I was met at the door to work by a coworker. "OMG I've been playing GTA V since I got off work until I came in today it is badass you have to get it you can do this and that and holy crap it is awesome." He actually went on longer, but you get the gist of it right there. Thanks for the spoilers, I'll be sure to forget to ask him to go to the range with me next time...

*My crappy tin can brand sail foam (T-mobile, not an Obama phone, those would work) doesn't play well with I-wireless, and I don't have data roaming because: cheap! So I lived with the hotel Wi-Fi. Since I've laid off some of the political posts, I don't have a lot of content stored up to dump out. I probably should throw those posts out there, I feel better bitching about stuff like that. I do feel pretty good about the post I nuked Monday, since it was based on the bullshit news of that day and not what really happened.

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