Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Range fun

Should be a dead werewolf. If I had silver bullets, anyway. Even shot the moon.

The pile of crap on the ground is my new steel target holder. Actually, it is funny what happened. I burned through 500 rounds today. The final shot from the final mag left the gong swinging so hard that it fell over. That is probably a bad thing, getting it swinging like that, but it is fun getting my timing down to keep it going. I actually made it able to be weighed down to keep it from falling over, but it is funnier having it fall down.

It is safe to say the round count on the FNX 45 just passed 1K. The only problems have been reloads not strong enough to cycle the heavy slide.

I fired quite a few left handed today. Supported and unsupported. Actually shot better than I expected. We did note that the M&P fired very nicely with the reloads. I was able to keep it on target even when firing it so fast it sounded like a subgun.

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