Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cool stuff in a box

CMMG sends all kinds of cool stuff with a lower parts kit and gas tube order. And their kit is almost cheating, everything is bagged and color coded.

Backordered 2-16-2013. Received today. Ordered a barrel 2-9-13 that was "in stock," still haven't any update on that. Yes, the 16" CMMG barrel was an accident, basically.


Angus McThag said...

Dottie sports a CMMG LPK and it's by far the best trigger of any of the AR's I've put together.

Their pistol grip is 80% the size of a mil-spec one for some reason.

No biggie for me since I've gone all Magpul on the modern guns and vintage on the retro.

JD Rush said...

Mine did not like to release the trigger from the disconnector. I worked it about 50 times until it started working properly.

JD Rush said...

Derp, hammer from the disconnector.