Saturday, March 9, 2013

Facebook spam

My Facebook spam has taken a definite Pro-2A stance lately. Way more firearm related ads. Part of the reason I use Google for firearm searches is the lack of spam for firearms- their whiny stance on 2A issues means they make less money for each of my clicks and searches. Maybe Facebook quietly realized the sheer amount of money being spent on guns and gun related stuff was an untapped market. I don't remember it being this prevalent. Or for actual guns and ammo.

Google just gave me an ad for "port barrels," whatever those are, when I was searching for 11.5" gas port sizes.* Facebook has been hitting me with Luckygunner/ ads all day. CCW class ads, stabby thing ads, NRA fundraising stuff.

*Getting annoyed with the ammo sensitivity of my 11.5" barrel, and am looking into what it might take to make it work vs a barrel swap.

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