Monday, March 25, 2013

Get some popcorn

OR haunt the ammo section at Wal-Mart? The EU stealing Russian mafia money* might touch off something exciting. No wonder they want to confiscate our guns; if this works in Europe, who knows where it might be tried next. Yes, the Fed pumping and inflating money supplies has the same effect over here. But, taking off the mask and proclaiming 40% of your cash belongs to us is some naked thievery, just as bad as Algore's wet dream carbon taxes. Or the Obamacare breathing tax if you don't have insurance. (fuck you, Roberts**)

*Actually, they will be stealing 40% of all deposits above $130,000 dollars, not just monies of alleged criminals.

** Amazing how something that is supposed to be a poison pill, like mandates, can be an albatross around the Republicans neck at a later date.

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