Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weird shipping

Midway shipped something 2 hours after purchase.

I'm buying lottery tickets.

I've been trying the UPS/USPS hybrid shipping again, only this time to work. Sucks ass sent to my house, both in time taken and hassles if the box is too big. That and OPSEC. ;) Might get someone pissy at work, just by sheer volume, but, whatever. Hell, my last order was for a tool, a knife bottle opener and a stocking cap beanie. Update: Lol. Midway's USPS order beat the CMMG order that shipped the same day. Because the CMMG order is lost on the truck. Crap.


Angus McThag said...

UPS/USPS hybrid: For the price of regular Priority Mail you get UPS ground times added to USPS First Class times!

JD Rush said...

2 days elapsed time wasn't bad when I had it shipped to work, and the work/corporate thing means it didn't sit in the corner gathering dust, I guess. The extra time it takes when I have it sent to my house is because UPS drops it off at my pissant post office after mail is sorted. And they hand it too me like it is radioactive waste if I ask for it early.

Living 5-6 hours from Midway (60 minutes from Brownells!) really helps.