Monday, March 18, 2013


RIT purple, a stock pot, add heat, not quite boiling, 10 or so minutes. FDE parts. It really reminds me of the purple from the first Batman movie.

Yes, it will glow under night vision. Guess I will give this gun to the decoy.....

I will wash them better next time. The RVG has a slight discoloration where it was
dirty before starting. I did use RIT ND(new formula) and it worked okay. In progress shot below:

I did not know the MOE stippling is little Magpul symbols. This will not work on MOE+ grips, they are rubberized. I tried a chunk of rail cover, no dice there, either.

The Mako stock came out like crap. Where my check rests, a lighter streak remains. Of course no PMag. This is a 6.8. Does it look like a LWRCI?