Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Brain deadening

Watched an episode of Double Divas on DVR. I can barely stand the show*, but this episode had something to do about guns.

This week, they were making a bra for a bounty hunter to carry her gun in. Short version, they stitched a holster onto a bra. One of the hosts ran around with a squirt gun in it (not the LC9 the customer normally carries, is there a blue gun LC9?) and proclaimed it satisfactory. Drawing consisted of whipping out the girls before grabbing the gun. The customer seemed satisfied.

It was funny watching the seamstress laugh at the saleswoman- she expressed shock that the former carrys a gun. Though the latter did lampshade that the gun would print. They took the saleswoman to a range to shoot a gun. She seems good at her job; she sold the woman demonstrating the gun on coming to the store.

The previous episode was the hosts turkey "hunting" with a husband or family member. They made the women of Duck Dynasty look like ninjas.

Overall, the show didn't seem overtly antigun. Shocking, how times have changed. Maybe I'll give the show a second chance.

* I was pretty sure I'd watch anything featuring boobs. I may have found my limit.

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