Saturday, August 17, 2013

Geeking out

I fingered up the display FNX 45 and a G21. Finally decided on the FNX. When he brought out the non finger fucked one from the back, I squeed and messed up the 4473. Just happened to be the model I wanted, not black on black. If I'm going to own an ugly pistol with limited aftermarket support, I want it extra ugly. Mission accomplished.
Only $40 more for this over the Gen 4 G21. I do miss my old Sig P220, this reminds me of it with a fat grip and 7 more rounds on tap. Time for some night sights and a holster. (after break in, of course)


Eainsdad said...

/Fanboy rant
The FN line of handguns have a natural beauty all their own!

JD Rush said...

Plus, it is shaped like a boomerang. So if I run out of ammo, I can chuck it at someone and it will come back. :)