Saturday, August 17, 2013

Range report

No, not on the FNX. A coworker bought a G23 and we went out earlier this week to break it in. I was farting around with an M&P while he tore through 6 boxes of Tulammo brass cased 170 grain, and then some Barnes SD loads. The Tula brass ammo was a surprise- it was clean on the inside of the case and outside. Got the usual Glock bulge. He had one stovepipe on the first mag, and problem free shooting after that.

I was telling him about how some M&P9 fullsize models shoot funny. So, I proceeded to shoot one of the best groups in my life. He was laughing his ass off each time I shot the bullseye. I did shoot the G23 well- it is a nice size.

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