Sunday, May 27, 2012

6.8 at 50 and more

Morning range time:

Finally the damn scope doesn't move. Handloads. 110 grain Hornaday BTHP 27.2 grains H322. 6 shot group. CCI 450 primers.

Speer 90 grain TNT over 29.2 grains H322, CCI 250 primers.
Sight in target- a mix of factory S&B, and 110 grain Hornaday reloads.
Some Hornaday 75 grain Steel Match through the 11.5. With a 1 in 9 twist barrel, I am surprised that it groups at all. 10 shots.
I also got the 11.5 to run on handloads. 23 grains H322, magnum primers. That is over the maximum amount per some reloading guides by using the magnum primers.No bulges on the primer.

The new lower works fine. Yay.

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