Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lower problems

Finally got the lower I ordered online from my FFL. Ran into a small problem- my Armalite LPK came with a bolt catch for an AR-10. Whoops. Looks like another couple of days before I get to use the darn thing. The hammer is of a different casting than the first LPK, the trigger feels a little mushier.

Ran into Sportsman's with my 4 year old for some bullets and primers. He immediately noticed the ZombieMAX bullets.
"What are those, Daddy?"
"Those are ZombieMAX bullets"
"Are they for zombies? How did they do that?"
"Someone at Hornday has too much time on their hands, son...."
Cue laughing from the counter guy............

They actually aren't priced too bad as bullets- the loaded stuff is spendy.

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