Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More reloading results

I shot up all of the reloads that I made last night. As I am not shooting tomorrow (have I mentioned the Ankeny Ikes is on my way home from work?) I devoted some of tonight to case prep.

Out of the tumbler to be sorted

In the foreground is what I've accomplished tonight. The 6.8 cases are sized, sorted, trimmed and ready to prime. The 223 is sized, sorted, and the primer cups are clean. Just need to check case length and chamfer the case mouths. .380/9mm holders are handy for the 223, and 40 S&W/.45 auto work great for the 6.8 SPC. In the background is what I readied last Sunday.

I still haven't gotten a load in the 11.5 that will lock back the bolt on the last shot. But, 21.5 grains of H322 does run it reliably, and 22.1 grains works even better. All 70 rounds of the (good) factory ammo I shot today ran just fine. The Tula would not even run the bolt. And the 6.8 loosened up the mount on the Burris PEPR to the point that the scope moved. I'd hoped with more screws than The Green Mile that it would hold steady. Bring on the 242 Locktite.....

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