Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fugly Gun Pr0n

Stopped by my LGS see if my lower was in yet- negative. Started talking to them again about the RRA tactical "carry" handle. The short story, they wanted it out of the shop, and I got it for about 1/2 the price listed on RRA's website. Everything opinion I've read about it is that the sight is too weird to be mall ninja, which is fine by me. Hell, nothing else on the gun is tacticool. I haven't even installed the sling swivel yet. Or wiped down the lube I douched onto the bolt from the last range outing.

UR not doing it right

Talked to the counter guy at Sportsmans who bought a 6.8 upper from the same place I did. He also has extraction problems. We tore down a Windham Weaponry bolt right there to show him where to put the o-ring.The Windham has an o-ring on the extractor from the factory. Said he would try it on his 6.8. The Windham's blotface was covered in brass- way more that I've seen on mine even after a range trip.

Also doing it wrong
My 6.8 has no range time in this configuration, with my old Simmons Aetec in a Burris PEPR and a new mag to test run. This lower does have a two-stage trigger in it. Also, it weighs damn near 10 pounds empty. Feels more like a battle axe than a rifle. :)

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