Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Smug Media is Smug

Last month CBS NewsOpinion produced a piece about the neutered AR15's the incompetent fascists running California have shoved down the throats of residents there. Now they are crowing that they managed to get one of the ruling elite out there to introduce a law banning bullet buttons. Hooray for them- they win the Reichstag is Burning award for the year so far. (yes, it is early, and will be reawarded to Zero at least 3 times by Nov 6)

 Knowing California and the gun friendly Democratic Party* this will pass and be signed in 2 weeks. Also why Iowa needs a RKBA amendment- even as Democrats tell you they have to respect the Constitution, seconds later they will say they can do what they want because we have no such provision in our state.

I love when anyone actually tries to say with a straight face Democrats love gun rights, then vote 95% lockstep AGAINST any gun rights proposal. We are lucky in Iowa on Shall Issue, Nutsack II was desperate to keep his job in '10 (didn't work)

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Robert Fowler said...

The gun industry gave then exactly what they wanted. Now they haters have decided they want more. It's no wonder people are moving out at a rate exceeding the people moving in.