Saturday, May 19, 2012

One way to spend Saturday night

Five sucessful rounds, one damn it!
H332, 27.2 grains. S&B brass, win lrg rifle primers, 110 Hornaday bthp. 2.26 oal +/- .002. Crimp on shoulder. Will fit in a 20 round pmag (5 max).
The S&B brass needed trimmed after resizing. I also decapped and sized Hornaday and Barrett brass tonight. The Hornady needed some trimming, the Barrett none, unless it had a damaged mouth from the extraction issues I had the first time out.

FCC- I'm paying for all this stuff myself, go away.

Disclaimer- I take no responsibility for the use of this load in your rifle. Go buy a reloading book and read it yourself. For all I know, this will blow up in my face tomorrow....

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