Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On paper, at least

Range time with the M44.
This is at 50 yards, S&B 180 grain, with the sight picture at full 6 o'clock hold.
Same target, same ammo, center hold, 2 more rounds.

6.8 SPC, 90 grain Speer TNT, 30 grains H322, CCI450 primer, Hornaday brass. 100 yards. I'm going to make more like these. Of course, this was the first group of the day I shot.
9 shots of the surplus 7.62x54R. 100 yards. All were on paper. Why not 10? Because I forgot one on the bench! (Same target as the 6.8) 6 o'clock hold.
I shot the 10th round, then more 6.8- upper left and left center aim points, different load . Also some Hornaday 75 grain steel match through the 11.5. After that, I loaded the M44 to capacity twice and blasted away.
5 more 7.62 shots fired mag dump style (as fast as I can run the bolt) 50 yards. P.O.A. centered. Sighted in some steel match on this target, then shot 25 rounds at the four outer targets, alternating each shot to a corner

 31 7.62 holes on the targets. 31 7.62 rounds fired today. Okay, that is not MOA accuracy. Yep, its more a pattern than a group. But compared to Monday's berm fest, this is better than I expected.

The front sight on the m44 looks like someone drifted it to the right at some point in the past. Might need to go a little more right  (F.O.R.S.) to at least line up the pattern on the center of the target. Seems to be 2-3" right at 50,  6" right at 100 yards. (Slow fire, anyway)
Cleaned the rifle's bore with windex, then hot waterwashed it out at home, then Hoppes patches, brush, then oily patches.

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