Monday, May 28, 2012

Mosin-Nagant 14, me, um, 3

Borrowed my brother's M44 today, cleaned the grease out of it and shot it. With and without the bayonet extended. The big holes on the target are the only ones I hit at 100 yards. I don't know if it was me or the gun, but I could not hit squat with that thing.* 4 were standing, I think they hit cardboard- they did hit the backstop ;) There is a fair pattern (not shown) to the right about 12" and up 12". I ran ten through it, got bored, then remembered I had some new handloads to try. It was a cast iron bear to hold steady the rest of the day.

The .223 holes are 22.1 grains of H322 with CCI 450's and 55 grain V-Max. In my 16"- no pressure signs on those or the 23 grain loads. And some are Tula- they ran fine today in the 16" barrel, plus some sat in the sun to "help" the pressure level.

*I shot 6 or 7 with the bayonet extended and got a spread from right to left of damn near 2'. I don't think a single non-bayonet shot hit the target. Which is consistent with what I have read today- fix the bayonet, and shoot. I was using S&B 180 grain, as there was no Tula 148 grain at Sportsman's on Sunday. Something is bent in the front sight on this gun anyway- maybe I'll take some pics soon. Or I just suck at shooting.....

6.8: Speer 90 grain TNT 30.2 grains H322, CCI 250's. 100 yards.
More of the same. I did yank the flyer on the top left target.

The bottom right target was factory Hornady 110 grain BTHP. I was getting sloppy by then.So I shot 4 more rounds through the Mosin, now I'm a lefty for the rest of the day.

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