Monday, May 21, 2012

Handloads go bang

Instead of kaboom! The 6.8's I loaded with the large rifle primers were weak- the bolt would not hold open. In the small rifle primer cases I used CCI 450's, they all worked fine- 10 of those bringing the 6.8 total to 15 reloads- 5 each of S&B, Barrett, and Hornaday brass.

I also spend Sunday working up .223 reloads. I used Federal small rifle primers and 21.1 grains of H322. 55 grain Hornaday V-Max.Loaded to 2.257-2.260". Yeah, they felt like 22 lr in the 11.5- they barely ran the bolt. They were worse than the Tula rounds. At the end I ran some factory 5.56 S&B through it, and it ran fine (lost one case :( I need to find my brass catcher) Guess my next load can either use a little more powder or a meaner primer. I also prepped over 200 .223 cases so I have a bunch ready to put primers in and reload.


Thanks to my friend Ace for letting me borrow his tumbler. (or am I going to buy it?) Hell, I'm still using his media that has been sitting in it for at least 10 years.

Don't let 6.8 sit in a steel 20 rd Bushmaster .223 mag for two days- the mag will swell and not fit worth a damn. (5 rounds only) The 5 in a 30 round P-Mag didn't swell it at all

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