Sunday, October 28, 2012

I do not know which is more insulting

Obama is now floating a new tax cut scheme. Of course, being a Democrat plan, it is a joke. It is mean to replace the Defunding of Social Security tax cut. So Obama wants to buy votes for an average of $400 per year. Sad.

And it would only be for a year. Pathetic. Democrats (especially) cannot just let a tax cut go. It has to be limited to lord over people's heads indefinitely. Does anyone in that party really understand how real life works? They are used to their groveling minions who get handouts, but people working with a budget or companies planning for the future do not like having to beg the government on a yearly basis for their free lunches. People respond by not spending money. And businesses respond by not hiring people or upgrading- why do it, if in the next year, their tax burden may go up because of government interference?

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