Sunday, October 21, 2012

L.A. mayor brags about free stuff

At the Jefferson/Jackson dinner in Des Moines. This dinner is a part of the President's green energy scam project; they have wired both men's graves with copper wire. Their spinning generates enough power to run the printing presses at the Fed for duration of the event, or so I've heard.

Back to the mayor, Stromney* will do all kinds of bad things to the free stuff gravy train, or something.

“If they had their way, Mitt Romney and the Republicans would repeal the 20th century.”

Hell, the Democrats are working hard at repealing everything since 1792. Why not project a little of that onto Mittens?

This quote was pulled off Facebook, from someone who was most likely there:

"This country was not built on the principle of me first. It was built on the principle of We the People." Antonio Villaraigosa

I'm guessing his "We the People" concludes with "get free shit." From evil rich people, er, the 53% still paying into the system.

*Straw Romney. I really don't see the huge difference between Romney and Obama on most issues. Competence seems to be the main difference.

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