Sunday, October 28, 2012

Range trip

I reload 50 or 100 at a time. If I don't go shooting, I use that time to reload 50 or 100 more. So I had built up 250 rounds, plus found some loaded Hornaday V-Max that was on sale. For a little more than the price of brass. So I went out today and finalized sighting the irons, and shot 300 rounds through the PSA 6.8 upper. That brings the total to 905 rounds.

 Hornaday V-Max. 10 shot groups.
 130 grain Speer or Sierra Spitzers. They shoot interchangeably. BUIS at 50. That is a 5 shot group.
 More of the same, I call that a flyer. I have video of how I beat this gun somewhere....
First BUIS group- figured out the stupid thing had loosened up. Tight now.

This is the current configuration. That is a Mako GLR-16 non-recoil reducing stock. It has the option of a cheek piece, which I did not get. Might be useful with a scope. Oh, and a BCM Mod3 charging handle. Only a few bucks more than a standard handle. I see the plus side to adding a second way to charge the gun, and feel it out weights the risk of wearing on the upper. At least the BCM seems to be a solid piece.

It shoots the factory V-Max near the POA of the 130 grain bullets that I am liking very much. 110 grain Prohunter groups opened up quite a bit save for one loading. I did a ladder, it was actually the second lightest load I tried. The 130's shoot like the 120 grain Hornaday SST. I worked a new mag into the rotation- it is a sticky, nondropping turd. And one other mag does not like to seat unless FIRMLY installed. This showed up with 10+ round loadings. Glad I am trying more than just 5 at a time.

Also finished sighting the 11.5 with a standard carry handle. It is so dirty it will not even lock back on XM193. I've lost count how many rounds since I cleaned it- June or so. 1K+ at least. Maybe 1500. Time to clean that one.

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