Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What caliber for urban squirrel?

Apparently not .177, at least in Urbandale, Iowa. A man was cited for shooting squirrels with an airgun within the city limits of Urbandale in his own yard. (mom's yard?) He had a valid hunting license, so all they could charge him with was the Red Ryder clause. Glad I don't live there; my little garage range in the winter for BB guns would cause considerable bladder irritation.

Now what kind of candyass calls the cops on someone dusting squirrels in his own backyard? If the pellets aren't leaving his property, who cares? On the other hand, take a lesson from any decent TV show on snipers, buddy. Sit in a chair, at a table, and shoot at the squirrels from inside the house like normal people. Don't scare people dressing in camo to tag tree rats in your own yard.

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Anonymous said...

Good advice. Stay inside. Snipe through the patio doors...Tree Rats...heh have plenty of them for much stew...