Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Iowa Republicans need to get their story straight

One Republican state senator keeps looking wistfully at Illinois and their high gas taxes. While they are attacking Boswell (D) for supporting increased gas taxes. And Boswell is barely running a campaign. Even the daily liberal, er Des Moines Register picked his opponent. He (Tom Latham) might just be the token R for the election, though.


Robert Fowler said...

Well, I can't seem to find his name. Who is the asshat? I know he's not my Senator, mine's a D. When they were talking about the gas tax last session I was of the same opinion as a lot of people. No raise until they do something about all the waste. It doesn't take 6 people to watch 2 others trow hot-patch in a pothole. It seems like DOT and a lot of other state agencies have 3 supervisors for every worker.

JD Rush said...

The kick in the nuts is that we have a projected surplus. The Dems want to baseline budget the hell out of it, of course. Spend the extra on 1 time improvements, and piss off on stuff that adds to yearly expenditures.