Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bullying makes you a terrorist. Um, Okay....

The Daily Beast isn't The Onion, is it? Seriously, the author of this article is trying to say that some terrorist caught being a little terrorist bitch online was "bullied" by the US and Jordan, so he because a triple agent to kill our troops 3 years ago Sunday. Sounds like the CIA had a case of poor double agent selection syndrome. I'd hardly call torture bullying. Last time I checked, bullies call you a fag and punch you. They don't black bag you, (possibly) threaten to waste your family for being a terrorist (conjecture on my part) and then send you to Afghanistan to become the terrorist you pretended to be online. Sorry if I'm a little confused with someone comparing the first world problem of being picked on for being different with the reality of a grown ass man playing terrorist and succeeding, to our detriment.

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