Friday, January 4, 2013

Permits up in Iowa

Not just permits to carry, but permits to acquire pistols. Yes, in Iowa the subjects have to play "mother may I" to be allowed the right to buy a handgun.  In Polk county alone, 400 permits applied for in December, a record for the past 3 years. Plus 700 carry permits applied for. I'm guessing people are waking up. The only reason to get a PtA is it usually takes only a week or less with no additional training, while Polk County drags out the permit to carry process to almost the full 30 days they are allowed by law. I'm guessing people are waking up to the fact that they need to buy the handguns now, not after another AWB or mag limiting law comes to pass.

I wonder how many rushed to buy a handgun after Sandy Hook, only to find out that gun control does exist and there are all these fancy ass hoops you have to go through.

Reading the comments at the article, they first had pictures of NFA weapons, which the commoners of Iowa are not allowed to own, either. Looks like they swapped it for a photoshopped Glock.

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