Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oil filter suppressor

Just a thought. Guess having an oil filter spud and a threaded barrel are now constructive possession. But, that would still leave the gases blasting you in the face. Unless the filter has a drainback valve.

Wonder how well they work with a used filter? $75 plus the stamp. Too bad that A: The ATF artificially delays what should merely be a NICS check. And B: I can't buy one in Iowa, as we are an "only ones" state.



Angus McThag said...

This was a lot more intriguing before ATF ruled you had to have them R&R the filter when it got too ratty for use.

$25 plus shipping for a new Fram? Suddenly this thing doesn't make much sense because it has to be real shipping not one of the budget options.

JD Rush said...

Yeah, they have a fetish over someone not rebuilding their suppressors at home. Which is the ATF going all power grabby and door kicky.

Angus McThag said...

Makes you think that machining an adaptor and doing a Form 1 makes more sense.

JD Rush said...

If Iowa wasn't a bunch of candy asses I'd look into into that exact thing. I'm thinking some filters for hydraulic pumps would do a wicked job. Plus I would machine baffles/chambers in the adapter.