Friday, January 11, 2013

Do FFLs need to be nervous?

Biden's task farse met with Wal Mart and Bass Pro. Did they meet with Robert's Gun Shop or your FFL down the street? I didn't think so. I've bought the majority of my guns from small local shops, gun show retailers and small chains like Jax or Sportsman's Warehouse.
Wal Mart treats you like a fucking criminal and I have not bought a gun from them in over 15 years because of this fact. I only buy ammo when they are giving it away. I've heard Bass Pro is the same way. Their prices are a joke, so I have never bothered to buy a gun from them. Dicks? The only interesting thing they had were the Troy rifles. Since they screwed that up and then backed out of the market, well, screw them. Funny how Democrat Pols are conspicuously buying 'approved' guns from Dicks because of their little show. Of course, if a politician did buy an AR from a retailer, suddenly the focus would shift to how did HE get that gun, a regular person would have to wait around and he just walked right in and got it.
My point is, are small ffls about to get the shaft the rest of the way? Clinton started it by cleaning out most of the kitchen table ffls in the '90s. Is part of the lecture on guns going to be only XXXXX square footage or some random other variable? The sellers have no bearing on what happened in the past few shootings (just like legal person to person used transfers) so of course the Biden task force will be all over that.

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