Sunday, January 20, 2013

Once is an accident, twice coincidece, third time....

Three negligent discharges at gun shows nationwide yesterday. Just dumb luck? I've seen personally the number of non gun owners or inexperienced gun owners coming out of the woodwork lately. I've heard multiple gunshop stories of people bringing in grandpa's guns and finding out they were all loaded.  One of yesterday's ND's involved a dealer dropping the hammer on a pistol with the mag removed. Another was a guy reloading (reholstering? Gun free zones are dangerous in more ways than one, quit touching it) his gun after leaving the Indy 1500. And the third, ABC made sure to point out was bringing it to sell to a "private buyer."

Of course, 2 are dead and 6 wounded in Chicago Friday night into Saturday. I'll take my chances at the gun shows, thank you very much.

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