Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mass Murder plus Drugs

No, not the illegal kind. The legal kind. The kind with warning labels saying "may cause suicidal thoughts" and “homicidal ideation” are side effects. The kind many killers involved in "mass shootings" have been on. Oh, no, that is kook fringe stuff there, we can't look into that.

News is out that "prescription drugs" bottles were found in the Aurora shooter's apartment. Of course, they won't say what was in them. Hell, could be athlete's foot medicine. Could be happy pills.

Maybe that is the rush to ban guns, before anyone can spend 5 minutes talking about medicating society. Hell, the ATF giving guns to Mexican cartels was kook fringe stuff.

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Robert Fowler said...

Did you see this?


The murdering scumbag* in Ct was about to be committed by his mother.

* I refuse to use the names of the murdering scumbags.