Saturday, January 26, 2013

Great News Tom Harkin not running again in 2014

Tom Harkin (D,Bahamas) to retire. Or not seek relection. Either way, a win, win. Wonder who will jump in to out Commie him? Christine Vilsack? She won't even have to carpetbag to a new district. And, will the Stupid Party find some derelict loser to run, or try to move Steve King over to the Senate?

Update, because I don't feel like making a new post:
I've seen Tom Nutsack himself or former governor Chester "Chet" Culver being floated already. Mostly by people outside of Iowa. Mainly because those are the only Iowa politicians known outside the state. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air originally thought Culver was related to the Culver's restaurant chain. LOL. But in 2010 I did joke when he lost that they were going to change the name to Branstads...

Actually, Culver's family business is politics. Senator, no less.


Angus McThag said...

Wow. He was in office, like my entire life.

At least my entire political life.

JD Rush said...

Since I was in elementary school.