Friday, January 25, 2013

And this is why they bailed out the banks

So the Democrats can strong arm them when it comes time to force their pet social programs on the companies. It's not like Rahm has solved homicide in Chicago by continuing the Democrat staples of carry bans and fighting court decisions lifting civil rights restrictions.

Sorry, haven't seen one bill offered up about mental illness. Why didn't Diane Feinstein drag Charles Manson, Chapman, or Hinckley up on stage and promote a ban on mental illness? They could just tax the mentally ill- isn't that how Obamacare "solved" the problem of uninsured people?

Lots of bills punishing legal gun owners for the actions of criminals. Or banning non-PC guns. Or making criminals out of people swapping shotguns at "unapproved venues." But no real solutions, only the same stale crap they always peddle. Like Barbara "Shoulder thing that goes up" Boxer introducing her standard may issue carry bill to the Senate.

Maybe because nothing they have proposed adds anything to the fact that murder is a crime. Stealing guns in a crime. Selling guns to prohibited people is a crime.

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