Friday, January 11, 2013

Mayors against anything

What the hell is it with Bloomberg? He is A MAYOR. Not a governor. Not the president. Not a Dictator. He may run a city with more people than many states combined. So what? MAYOR! Why does he feel the need to get involved in every little issue that comes to pass?* Salt, sugary drinks, smoking, guns, and now pain meds. He wants to ration pain meds in individual hospitals so drug seekers will..... yeah, the plan kinda does that. So, mayor Intended Consequences, now what? There will be daily deliveries of pain meds to each hospital. More chances for robbery. More chances for hospitals to run out, causing problems for everyone in the hospital. It's not like NYC has seen any thing in the past 13 years that could hurt transportation in the city or cause mass casualty events. I mean, he was mayor for Sandy, right?

From the article:

Mr. Bloomberg also argued the number of pain pills currently being prescribed had even contributed to an uptick in violent crimes outside of pharmacies from robbers looking to steal the drugs.

“You see there’s a lot more hold-ups of pharmacies, people getting held up as they walk out of pharmacies,” he explained. “What are they all about? They’re not trying to steal your shaving cream or toothpaste at the point of a gun. They want these drugs.”

You know, if your subjects could adequately protect themselves, or the PERCEPTION was that the average person wasn't just a mark, maybe people wouldn't need to fear being held up as they leave a pharmacy.

*I guess New Yorkers like patriarchal nannies. They have elected him three times. I thought New Yorkers were tough.

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Robert Fowler said...

The people of New York deserve this asshole. They are the ones that keep reelecting him.

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