Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wa Po NRA article

How sweet. They do love getting the cart before the horse. They discuss the NRA's 1977 Cincinnati revolt and some of the movers an shakers behind it. Or the ones that the libs want you to know about. It goes on to whinge about how the NRA will not agree to "compromise," i.e. surrender an inch.. And other aspects of the Pro gun side, too.

Democrats in Congress and some Republican allies passed an assault-weapons ban in 1994. That fired up the NRA base. The NRA’s rhetoric grew harsher. Out on the political fringe, the militia movement grew in influence, as anti-government activists warned of black helicopters carrying federal agents dressed like ninjas. The militants cited the 1992 shooting deaths of two civilians in a federal raid at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and the 1993 siege by federal agents of a religious sect’s compound in Waco, Tex., that culminated in a fire killing 76 people.

So, what they are saying is the militants are loons, but, grudgingly admit yes, the government was out to kill killing people.

Another funny part:

John Magaw, then the head of the ATF, recalls trying to set up meetings with the NRA to discuss gun issues. “They would not answer. They would ignore us.”

Why shouldn't they? This is America. We aren't compelled to be hauled before governmental bodies on a whim. The ATF response is "we will burn down your house and shoot your wife, because you violated our rules." Must suck for the ATF to be powerless over someone. Because they randomly interpret laws all the time, making entire groups of people felons over an "interpretation." The ATF also whinges that the NRA sits through meetings(that they just said they couldn't get them to come too?) and when they are over, tell them the wasted their time. Good. Someone needs to stand up in these closed door meets to take away rights and tell the tyrants they won't be their accomplices.

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