Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gun show failed to suck my wallet dry

All black rifle stuff was from crazy to insane. Didn't see any move while I was there. A DPMS Sportical for 1350-1400? No thank you. The M&P sport for $10xx seemed like a steal compared to that. Girl Scout cookies were still $3.50 a box. At least they didn't jump in price, too. PMags seemed to go for $50.

300 Blackout for $25 a box didn't hurt too bad, when the going rate for .223 was $1 per round and up.  7.62x54R was not bad, depending on vendor. Actually saw some Enfields around $300. The Mosin Nagant M39's for $400+ didn't seem too bad, as they had hex recievers. Funny, I found Chinese knockoffs of the Grip pod all over. But no cheap copies of light mounts.

Re-upped with the Iowa Firearms Coalition. Main reason I went, really.

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