Saturday, February 23, 2013

No one is coming for your guns part XXLII

Unless they are coming for your guns. Oregon's proposed law pretty much bans scary weapons and normal capacity magazines. And declares that a state of emergency exists (!) so the door kicking starts 120 days after it is signed. One scary weapon and 3 magazines of capacity over the random number of 10 can be registered. So 1 AR + 3 magazines. And don't bother keeping pistol mags, as you can't use them in self defense. Plus door kicking on a daily basis* to "inspect" your super secure storage of inanimate objects. And fees "to be determined" for required background checks needed to keep your own weapons.

(!) What is the emergency? Someone might notice the insane law and try to sue in court?

*Why wouldn't they? It's a state of emergency, for goodness sake.

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