Sunday, February 10, 2013

One nice thing about 6.8 SPC

Diversification. I can use either large or small primers to reload, as I have all four (6!) flavors of brass. Remington and S&B large primer brass. The small primer brass from Hornady, Silver State Armory (Barrett) and now small primer S&B brass I picked up from a few months ago. So, for the main caliber I reload, I can be happy that the local stores have just about any rifle primer in stock.

Just a thought after resizing 300+ cases and justifying keeping all those head stamps straight. Normally I only shoot one kind of brass at a time, but my last range trip pretty much had some of every brass loaded up. I try to keep .223 separated for ammo I shoot for accuracy. Not so much for plinking ammo.

Looks like I'll be going into 300 BLK without any loaded ammo of any kind. Guess I'll be testing the roll your own abilities of the cartridge. Might be a good time to finish my annealing setup. Of course, by the time all of the alleged "in stock" parts arrive, Rubio will be running against Fauxcahontas for president.


Angus McThag said...

I hope your experience with 300 is more positive than a friend's.

His is not grouping remotely consistently with any ammo he's brewed.

He's talking to the make of the upper, so hopefully it will be fixed.

The really hard part, for him, is the ribbing he's getting from me for not buying a 6.8!

JD Rush said...

What twist? Sub or supersonic?

I'll freely admit I'm buying the barrel simply because it looks cool as shit, being a 12.5 pistol gas with a mid-length FSB. I don't know if I will weld a fake can on it or leave it as a pistol/ Franklin Armory XO style "firearm." If it sucks ass, I'll be out a barrel, reloading dies, and tools I can sell to my LGS in exchange for a P-Mag or something.

Angus McThag said...

I am not sure... 16" carbine gas system I know for sure.

He's shooting supersonic loads though.

There's a lot of good natured give and take here about it. He's been all about how he can use "normal" magazines and bolts.

I've been firing back that those must be worth it because I can hit the broadside of a barn...