Friday, February 1, 2013

The State of Iowa has cost the Treasury $1000

By my count, I would need 5 stamps to own what I want. 7 if the Hughes Amendment had been actually voted on and not added to FOPA. But, the state of Iowa is retarded, so there.
Wait, no barrel length on FA. 6 stamps, then.


Angus McThag said...

Probably back to $1,400...

Even though barrel length is not a factor for an MG, the way to go with a Form 1 on an AR would be a drop in auto sear.

Because of the silliness that is ATF, an AR with a 11.5" barrel and a DIAS would be a two stamp gun because in their demented little world it's TWO GUNS!

If they ever drop the Hughes amendment I am getting a genuine moderator and a DIAS for my XM177E2 clone and making a THREE stamp gun. Because WANT TO.

JD Rush said...

I want a full on real lower just because. I can park uppers on pistol lowers. The real choice is what pistol caliber can. Fotay five, fotay or nine. All come in subsonic loads.