Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bacon!!!! and Beer!!!

Went to a restaurant featured on The United States of Bacon show- Paddy Long's.
Good stuff. Did not eat the Bacon Bomb. We did get the bacon grenades.
BLT and a Bacon Grenade
3 Floyds beer- tasted damn good after walking around Chicago
Wookie on the wall
I'm a sucker for Irish places, strangely I am mostly German and Scot. Plus they specialize in bacon. I had a 3 bacon cheeseburger, and more than half of my wife's BLT. (pictured above) I think I had around 3/4 of a pound of bacon before I left...

Oh, and the 3 Floyd's beer.....

Okay, it wasn't the beer I had.* But I want some.

*Alpha King was the beer I had. My wife had something different. I drank most of her second, it was good too.

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