Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bloomberg goes off the deep end

Now he is suggesting that the police go on strike nationwide until his "reasonable" gun confiscations take place. Irony is, such a move would backfire in the biggest possible way. In free states, people would still have the choice to arm up. But in criminal run states* the criminals would have nothing to stop them. Guess there would have to be a lend lease program enacted.

And the cops would be hated for abandoning the people to the criminal underclass that the judicial system has been coddling. Maybe he should go on strike from proposing intrusive laws on his citizens until people stop eating food he thinks is bad for them.

Here is a link to a better rebuttal than mine.

*The Sullivan laws meant to arm only Sullivan's gang buddies. Note that charges are dropped when non criminals from out of state get entrapped and might be able to make a 2A stand on that law- it is weak as hell and they know it.


jografixx said...

Criminal run state? Didn't we already see this movie - RoboCop?

JD Rush said...

The criminals from Robocop were working for a corrupt executive, almost the inverse of TDKR*, while many old NYC city hall members were known gangsters who gamed the system to their advantage, and we are stuck today with the concequences.

*I know JoG hasn't seen TDKR, and I'm rubbing it in....