Saturday, July 28, 2012


That is what we need more of. The short story is why are gun rights the ones given up? Bob feels it is time to start asking for real compromise, not the compromise where gun rights end up dismembered in the corner, but expanded in exchange for slight losses to the anti rights crowd. I like his start, but I would even go so far as to designate 3 shot burst weapons as AOW's (still registered!) in exchange for not making firearm ownership mandatory* to all citizens not convicted of a felony. Also, all firearms and feeding devices available for sale to police forces publicly or privately must be purchasable (and bearable in the case of handguns) by citizens of and in said states.**

It's a loose start. It kinda seems silly to aim so low......

*Roberts would call it a tax, not mandate.:)

** Wanna ban x-random cap magazines? Git R Done, but the police roll with x-round magazines, too. Ban scary semiauto rifles? Swat team gets bolt actions for entry as well.. Can't carry in x area? Nor can the police. Illinois would not care for that one......

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