Monday, July 23, 2012

Less JD post 5

I'm down 40 lbs to 213. At least I'll be able to run away faster when in Chicago.

On a related note, I was reading the gun laws for Illinois this weekend. They read like the Brady Bunches wet dreams. Can't carry. Can't carry while masking your face. (double plus illegal) Can't carry into places that charge admission. (triple plus illegal) Can't carry into places that serve alcohol (Quadruple plus illegal) Can't carry into government controlled places. (Quintuple plus illegal) Dangerous knives illegal. (No definition) I realize the rest of the state is more like Indiana or Iowa, but with a cancerous progressive welfare city (keep repeating myself) tacked on the northern end that skews the demographics of the entire state.

And with all these gun laws, only roughly 60 people in Chicago were shot over the weekend. Damn, that is one safe gun free zone. I think screaming as you run away is legal, as long as you don't do it too loudly and hurt the criminal's ears....

Limbaugh is always delayed 2 hours here, he opened with the 270+ murder stat in gun free Chicago.

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