Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why I hate "store exclusives"

Because then I find something like this, that Borepatch posted about yesterday. The closest Dick's is in Cedar Rapids, not exactly a short trip away. Especially to look for a rifle that may be on sale, and may be in stock.

I like the blurb about "disassembling the magazine voids the warranty." I was planning on tearing the whole thing down :) I like the lower to match with a 6.8 upper, as PMags are alleged to have problems* with the Troy lowers. No PMags in 6.8 means no big deal there. And at $799, the cost of buying the fore end, folding sight and stock (ugly, but useful) add up to over half the cost of the rifle.

Oh, well.

*It is in that post, somewhere. Plus linked at Borepatch's site. Gen M3 Pmags have an overtravel stop that hits on some lowers, especially those with one piece trigger guards. Which not all Troy rifles have, judging by the M4carbine thread.


JD said...

There's a Dicks in Waterloo, not sure if that's any closer.

JD Rush said...

About the same distance from Ankeny.

I may just try to catch that fore end on sale. Chop a FSB, remove the Delta ring, in business.